Earthcraft Landscape Design

Earthcraft is a landscape company that was created by DBLA Advisor, Bobby Markowitz.  This legacy website contains a wealth of information about rainwater harvesting systems.



American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association
ARCSA's mission is "to provide resources and information on rainwater collection, promote the advancement of rainwater conservation and work with state, county and other local governmental units in promoting rainwater catchment."
*DBLA is proud to be an ARCSA Accredited Professional.



American Society of Landscape Architects
ASLA's Mission: Landscape architects lead the stewardship, planning, and design of our built and natural environments. The Society's mission is to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship.



California Landscape Contractor Association
The CLCA is a great resource if you're looking for qualified professionals for landscape installation. 


Monterey Bay Friendly Landscaping

"The primary goal of Monterey Bay-Friendly Programs is to encourage behavior changes that lessen the impact of conventional landscape practices on the local environment by providing home gardeners, landscape professionals, and local governments with the necessary skills and resources to create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable gardens, and landscapes."
*DBLA is a Monterey Bay Friendly Qualified Designer

BFQP Seal_Design 3x3.jpg

Bay Friendly Landscaping

"ReScape California, also known as the Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition, is an advocate and expert in the creation of sustainable landscapes for commercial, multi-family, and
public spaces as well as single-family residences."
*DBLA is Bay Friendly DTQ - Design Qualification


Resource Conservation District

"The Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County facilitates stewardship projects to address water quality, biodiversity, ecosystem health, and water quantity on private and public lands through technical assistance, outreach, education and project implementation."
The RCD has put out valuable publications, including "Slow it. Spread it. Sink it! - A Homeowner's Guide to Greening Stormwater Runoff"